Becoming a Full-Time Artist

How to be a Full-Time Artist

Becoming a Full-Time Artist

Many of us imagine that becoming a full-time ARTIST can produce a stable earning to support our daily financial needs. The reality bites in some hurtful ways sometimes.

How do we make that transition? And, what if we have others whose livelihood depends on our daily earnings? Then it’s not just YOU AND ME taking the plunge into full-time art because let’s face it: Our FAMILY diving in with us.

We asked two artists, featured in past concerns of Acrylic Artist, to share their insights and guidance on ways to make the shift to producing art as our only source of earnings.

Transitioning to become a Full-time Artist

Keren Grace effectively transformed to be an artist from being a traditional teacher. Dealing with her other half, they took a business-like technique to her work shift, focusing on the financial aspect of the profession change.

Look at your budget and make some changes. Buy a used car instead of buying a luxury car. If you can, try to live using one car.

Grace’s point is an important one to keep in mind. We cannot anticipate what can happen: a damaged heating system, a structure going co-op or requiring a new refrigerator.

This raises another crucial element: If you have one, getting your spouse or loved one to agree with the idea. He or she might see things differently than you.

Understanding the Transformation of becoming a Full-time Artists

Art is art. But being a successful artist is a partnership, and it’s crucial to take a look at this transition from a financial viewpoint.

Your Partner May Help you with the following:

-Partner see what may not work

-Worst-case scenario approach balances the idea and more user-friendly technique to thing

-Partner sees the development from his point of view and resolves his/her concerns.

The balance in your personalities will allow you both to look at the fantastic possibilities of your professional transition with a critical, and eye on the details.

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