Tips for Painting

Beginner Tips for Painting Many people around the world are not accustomed into painting. Lucky are the kids who experienced it in school. As a kid, some learned it in school but saw as a part of the subject that is needed to do. Can you name one person you know that got inspired to […]

Paintings Digital Art

Why Choose Digital Art?

Art School – Reason to Choose Digital Art Digital art provides many possibilities and difference compared to traditional Art. Art is Cool made lists of things on how they differ.  1. Layers and Blend Modes In traditional painting layers of paint are positioned one by one, and they cannot be reached separately. Because of this, […]

Letting your Salary Go to become an Artist

Letting Your Salary Go to become An Artist

How to deal on Letting Go of your Salary to become an Artist When both partners work, financial resources are most likely to be steady. When both partners work and handle their day-to-day expense independently of the other (meals, entertainment, clothing), there is a lot of freedom. What happens when you rely exclusively on your […]

How to be a Full-Time Artist

Becoming a Full-Time Artist

Becoming a Full-Time Artist Many of us imagine that becoming a full-time ARTIST can produce a stable earning to support our daily financial needs. The reality bites in some hurtful ways sometimes. How do we make that transition? And, what if we have others whose livelihood depends on our daily earnings? Then it’s not just […]

Need for Colors

Satisfy Your Need for Colors

Satisfy Your Need for Colors Artists have voracious appetites for texture– for new methods of seeing marks appear on a surface and teasing out forms with various strokes. In Creative Discoveries, I’ve found a banquet for our senses. Texture pours off the page. Painters and illustrators use watercolor, pen, pastel, ink, and more. They hook […]

Tone a Canvas photo

How to Tone a Canvas

How to Tone a Canvas You might be thinking: This is pretty easy, however, what do you do when dealing with pastel? Pastel paper is known to come in various colors. You can also tone your canvas before you paint. I use burnt sienna acrylics with a little bit of water and apply a thin […]

APPLYING GESSO by Arts-chool

Applying Gesso in Painting

How to Apply Liquitex Gesso The most viable alternative, in my opinion, is to gesso your very own painting surface. Once again, the success of a painting remains in your decision making (that’s where my online classes will benefit you), not the surface areas. I am a lazy artist and desire to do the low […]

How to prep Painting

Preparing Your Painting Surfaces

How to Prepare Your Painting Surfaces If you have the time to prepare your very own painting surface areas and wish to save a bundle, mainly if you paint a lot, check out on for some choices you can experiment with. If you still want to utilize linen or cotton, you can purchase it by […]

Linen Canvas vs Cotton Canvas photo

Cotton Canvas or Linen Canvas

Which canvas do you go for? In a previous blog, I went over the different forms of brushes. Let’s continue to learn more about ART, this time about COTTON CANVAS VS LINEN CANVAS. In leading art shops you will find ready-made canvases and canvas boards. Some are pricey, for linen ($ 20 for a 12- […]

Artschool paint brushes

Brushes For Oil Painting

Brushes For Oil Painting Brushes are available in a range of designs. Eventually, you’ll know your favorite brushes soon enough. Until then, you’ll probably wish to experiment with a few various brush types and sizes. Here are some standard brush descriptions, though the length of the bristles often varies from brand to brand name: Round: […]